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The mission of Fountain of Hope Family Services Inc. is to promote mentally and emotionally healthy youths and their families by reducing delinquency and child abuse through individual, family and group counseling and by providing home-based counseling for children, youth and adult


Fountain of Hope Family Services Inc. philosophy is to enhance self-sufficiency by providing tools and skills to clients in need, to treat a whole person, body, mind and spirit, to function socially, emotionally, psychologically and culturally.   

Our Team

Fountain of Hope Family Services Inc. staff is dedicated to serving and assisting you. We are empathic, caring, and nurturing. We strive to challenge, motivate and assist clients in achieving their goals and highest potential.

We are Specialize In

Individual Counseling, Group Counseling, Grief Counseling, Family Counseling, Parenting, Home-Based Therapy, Crisis Intervention, Domestic Violence, Anger Management, Rehab Services, Peer Recovery Support Services and Stress management.

Typical Issues Addressed

Day-to-day life situations that put individuals and families in distress. They need professional help, in order to help them make a change in their lives.

FOHFS professional staff provides full scope of counseling services to meet our client’s needs and help them work through their struggles to overcome and continue to be productive family and community members. Counseling is crucial in maintaining good overall mental health.

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